Thursday, October 2, 2008

Math Testing

Before I crack open the 4th grade math book with Princess Flower, I wanted to see what areas needed more focus than others. My sister-in-law has helped me by giving me a program for GA testing which I have used to test PF. I first gave her the pretest which covers all areas of 4th grade math and she scored a 76.9%. Then I tested her in each of the 23 separated areas. In 6 of the areas she exceeded the standard, 9 areas she met the standard, and in 8 areas she was deficient. I was pretty excited about the results. I know that we have 8 areas that need alot of work and 9 other areas that need to be fine tuned.

I like to occasionally test PF to gaged what needs to be worked on. I find it really helpful.

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