Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let's Sticker and Paste!

I really like the Kumon company books. My friend introduced them to me a while back. Today Butterfly and I worked on the Sticker and Paste book. She liked it so much that she finished the entire book today. I do not discourage or limit (when at all possible) what they want to learn on most days. So today, when she wanted to keep going I encouraged her to do so. I want my kids to have a passion and joy for learning. As Butterfly gets older she will have to complete each of her subjects before focusing on her favorite but for now she can spend as much time as she wants on one particular thing. I also make a note of their special interests at this stage of life so I can gear future learning around what suits them best. Princess Flower enjoys reading so I try to incorporate reading as much as I can into her school assignments. She also enjoys movies so we watch many science and history documentaries. I use movies as rewards to get her through tough subject material.

The book starts out with stickers in different settings. In this one, she had to place fish in the ocean. We talked about fish and the sea and counted the fish. After the settings, she placed stickers on fruits and veggies. Each fruit and veggie had a shape missing in the middle to place the proper sticker. We discussed shapes, colors and named each fruit and veggie.

Another activity involved cutting out parts of animal faces and gluing them in their proper area. We discussed each of the animals as we went.

Then the book moved onto cutting out pieces to a puzzle. She then had to arrange them properly and glue them.

She really liked this page. She got to cut stripes of white any length she wanted to make snow.

She is now going through the phase of writing her "K's" backwards. Princess Flower did this with "J's" so I am not very concerned.

So not only did Butterfly improve on her cutting and gluing skills today but we learned about shapes, colors, fruits and veggies, different habitats, animals, seasons, counting and transportation. I think we covered a full days work just using one book.

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