Thursday, October 30, 2008

Creating a Zoo

I gave the older two girls the assignment of creating their own zoo while the other two were napping. I had them draw one zoo and the other they created all on their own. They used their polly pockets for the visitors to the zoo and some plastic animals for the exhibits.

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Dana said...

Found a great resource that I had to share with you. It's called They have Lapbooks. We did one this week on the election. I thought Butterfly might find one she would enjoy since she's done with her books. They are wonderful for unit studies. Downloadable on-line. There are some for $4.

Also is you can afford it.---James Loves Zoo Tycoon. I think a free trial version is available on line as well. They are creating their own zoo, managing guest, building cages and habitats. I think it costs $20 at the store, but it teaches good Science skills.