Monday, October 20, 2008


We have been learning about inventions by chance this week (the joys of homeschooling, things can be spontaneous and you can learn things when you least expect.)

During certain points in our day we listen to music or stories on CD. Today we were listening to a story about Eli Whitney. It just so happened that one of PF assignments today was to think of your own invention. She came up with four: Storm teller, table setter, self drawer, and self cleaner.

Storm teller has different parts that alert different types of weather. There is a phone attached so you can call in a report.

Table Setter is a machine that you load your clean dishes into. Program it to how many people will be eating and it will set the table accordingly.

Self Drawer is for kids. You program in what you want it to draw and it will draw it for you.

Self Cleaner has a broom, wash cloth, vacuum and soap bottle. You program the machine to what needs to be cleaned and it does it.

Princess Flower remarks "They are really helpful!"

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Luv2bhsmama said...

Sign me up for the self cleaner!!