Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mitcham Farm

I love "hidden gems..." particularly when the found gem ends up being the perfect teaching aide to show the girls all about life on a farm. Thus, enter "Mitcham Farms" in a small town in GA. While it did not offer all the attractions and entertainment options found at more expensive and mainstream farm festivals, families can easily enjoy all that Mitcham has to offer- without having to transfer funds from a savings account. The girls got to see first hand about growing corn, taking care of sheep, goats, pigs, and historical farm tools. Mitcham even went as far as to offer educational videos on the importance of American farming. It wasn't all business however! There were plenty of entertainment options and the girls and adults got to enjoy them all. The first was an eye catching ride that was immediately noticeable upon pulling into the parking lot. Although probably less than 100ft long, and over in about 5 seconds, the girls started at the top of the hill and slide down on burlap sacks. The second was a "boy toy" but plenty of fun for all. Who wouldn't enjoy projecting a cob of corn across a field to hit a wooden cow! The cow train was a big hit with all the little girls. The bike track was fun but difficult to pick up any speed. After enjoying all the fun and a funnel cake, we took off on a hay ride to a big bonfire to complete the evening.

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