Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Los Angeles Natural History Museum

 We headed out for another day of museums in LA. After the science museum and lunch, we headed to the Natural History Museum.

 The great halls of mammals were very well done and the details were amazing. Half the kids had print outs provided by the museums website to fill out and some of the kids went around taking their own notes about the animals.
 Butterfly really got into jotting done information and reading about each animal.
 During the breakfast several mornings before visiting this museum, we have been discussing how the world was created and how long ago that happened. We learned that through the Bible the earth is roughly 6014 years old. This study was a good preparation for standing up to the world's beliefs that the world is MILLIONS of years old. I thought it was almost humorous reading the captions under each dinosaur because the numbers all varied so drastically. It is amazing they can pass all of this information off as fact.

 Our last stop was the discovery room. This room provided puppets, puzzles and an opportunity to organize animals into categories.

Taking a snack break before we called it a day.

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