Friday, September 9, 2011

Bonfire at Point Mugu

For one of our last nights together, we decided to do a hot dog/smore roast on the beach. We got there with enough time for the kids to play on the beach for awhile. They discovered a ditch in the sand and spent most of their time trying to make it bigger.

 I was surprised that Dragonfly wanted me to bury her in the sand. Then she took over the spot where I had my feet. She buried the two mom's feet and just had a good time playing in the sand.
 J made an awesome and hilarious little fort. We all got a good laugh when she stuck her head out of the middle of her roof.

 We got to see Sea Lions jumping and playing in the water. I wish I had my better camera with me to get some good shots of them.
 PF and C dug a tunnel to each other. They were bummed that they didn't have more time to make it big enough to crawl through.
 We headed over to our fire ring as the sun was setting.
 T let each of the kids light a match and throw it on the kindling. My girls' reactions were pretty funny.
 All the kids roasted hot dogs after the fire got going. After having their fill of hot dogs, they moved onto marshmallows.
Dragonfly fell asleep during our story time. We all had such a good time!


Kalista said...

Looks like a great time!!

I'm your newest follower from MBC! I hope you'll follow me back!

Susan Evans said...

What a wonderful beach experience! I wish my family lived closer to the ocean.