Saturday, September 3, 2011

Horseback Riding Lesson 2

 This week, there was a sub instructor. She was incredibly thorough with the older two girls. She gave them a lot of instruction on feeling the movements of the horse and noticing how your posture effects how your horse performs.
 Learning about proper placement of your foot in stirrups.
 Riding around with a best friend!

 The ranch has several cats. The cats were really attracted to us on this particular morning and kept jumping into the van whenever we opened the doors. One clever cat jumped up onto the hood of the van and came in through the window. After being put back outside of the van, this same cat jump up onto the hood of the car next to us and leaped across into the open window. He was very determined to be in the van.
 Ladybug has really enjoyed her lessons. I really enjoyed watching her try and control this horse and keep it where it is in this picture before walking outside for her lesson.

Butterfly was taking the instructor very seriously when she said to sit up straight!

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