Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Park

My friend received a parks and recreation magazine in the mail and after looking through it, we discovered there were several parks in the area that we hadn't been to. One in particular caught our interested and we decided one afternoon following schoolwork to take the kids there to run off their energy. This park was full of swings and equipment that spun in some way. There was also alot to climb and explore.

 This seemed to be a particular favorite of everyone. It was not easy to spin but it was fun when you got it going.
 The park got rather crowded when other kids got out of school so we headed out and found another park that was completely empty. Well with our group and the size of this playground, we completely filled it up. I was hoping the kids would get in a game of tree tag. The lay out of the park would have been perfect for the game but they were content to play with what the playground had to offer.

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