Thursday, September 8, 2011

sky High

 There seems to be an overwhelming amount of things to do in CA. All the opportunities and activities are beyond exciting. After taking the little kids to Pump It Up, we wanted to do something fun with our older girls. T remembered J going to this cool place with her church youth group so we decided to check it out. The place looked awesome online but nothing could compare to it in person. I have never seen a trampoline so big! On top of it all they had trampolines on the walls. I am sure once you got good enough at doing flips, you could really do some fun stuff there.

 There is a dodge ball section as well but the girls didn't stay there too long. I bet it would be a blast with quite a few more people.
 I think their favorite spot was the form pit.

 They got some good air while jumping into the pit. I am glad we only paid for an hour because after an hour they were beat.

 Our worn out girls on the way home.

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Susan Evans said...

Oh my goodness, my husband just found a place identical to this here in Washington. My kids love jumping on trampolines, so we might book our next birthday party there. Last night my husband showed me YouTube videos of people doing back flips and stuff, and literally bouncing off the walls. LOL