Saturday, October 1, 2011

Seafood festival and a Picnic on the Beach

The first weekend of October is reserved for the Seafood Festival in Morehead city. No, we are not seafood consumers but we do love festivals and there is so much more than just seafood.

One of the girls favorite areas is Sassea's kids zone. Each year there is a diferent theme, this year it was a celebration of Sassea's birthday. Sassea is a cool yellow fish which is the theme character of the festival. PF decorated her cookie to look just like Sassea.

Sassea puppet.
Party hat
Toy walk. Each of the girls won a sand castle building kit.
So we headed over to the beach to build sand castles and have a picnic lunch. Due to the hurricane, there were so many shells washed up on the beach. The girls found some really awesome ones.

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