Monday, July 18, 2011

The Sun

Today we started lesson 2 in Astronomy. Lesson 2 is all about the sun. Our activity today proved the power of the sun. We burned a spot into a leaf by using a magnifying glass. It took longer than I expected but was neat to see the results.
We made a living model of the sun, moon and the earth in orbit. The girls had fun playing the parts. Then we did the same thing but demonstrated how the earth and planets both rotate and revolve. They got rather dizzy.
After I finished reading to the girls and they took notes, they each wrote a speech to people warning about the sun.

Ladies and gentlemen, if you look at the sun it will blind you. It is very hot. The sun will burn your retinas.

Ladies and gentlemen, you should not look at the sun because you will be blinded. Your eyes have lens like magnifying glasses that bend rays of the sun to one spot on your retina. The rays are so powerful that they burn that spot. You have no pain sensor that will alert you so you wouldn't even know it was happening. So ladies and gentlemen don't look at the sun.

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