Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keeping up with Technology

So hubby and I just upgraded our phones and now we are smart phone owners. We have had a great time learning how to use our phones. The other night I downloaded quite a few educational apps. Today, I had Dragonfly test out the ABC app. In the picture, she is dragging pictures unto the letter block that match the letter sound. She is doing a really great job with beginning letter sounds but I was surprised how well she did operating the phone. I showed her once and she got it. She could even turn the letter block to put the next picture onto it.
I am really excited about what I can do on my phone because it is going to make traveling and waiting for kids at activities that much more fun and educational.

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Jason and Billie said...

I'd love some recommendations on educational apps. Up until now, the computer and phones have been off limits to Anthony but he's so interested in them we're wanting to start using them in a beneficial way and not just to 'play' with.