Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sentence Building

Writing journals are a part of our everyday learning experience. Even while on the road, the girls are writing about what they are experiencing. I decided this week it was time to work with Butterfly and Ladybug on expanding their sentences and adding in some adjectives to their writing. I found the Big Box of Sentence Building last summer but today was the first day we pulled it out to use it. Already, I love it! Included with all the words is a booklet of suggestions for games and other ways to use the product. I usually can come up with creative ways to use things but sometimes it is nice to have someone else list out some suggestions.
Today, we were just becoming familiar with the product and making longer sentences. I explained all the parts of speech as well. Then I let Butterfly make any sentence she wanted. After she finished making her sentence which was the typical "She can draw children", very short and without detail, I showed her where she could add an adjective and also add more detail. The final sentence was "She can draw pretty children coming to the old school". After this she had to write the sentence on a piece of paper.

She made several other sentences and had a lot of fun doing them. I love to her the girls laugh while they are learning.

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