Friday, July 15, 2011

Our week

We have had a great week and really been able to accomplish so much. The girls got a lot of their schoolwork completed this week and we were able to have a lot of fun spending time with our friends as well.

PF took a watercolor class. She has many talents in the Arts and I love an opportunity to grow that part of her. This is her masterpiece!

I love when we can have real life experiences that provide for an educational opportunity. Butterfly and PF have lost teeth recently so we have been talking a lot about the anatomy of the mouth.

Our P.E. activity of choice during the summer is swimming. We met friends at the pool twice this week. This is our first time to this pool and I really enjoyed the very large kids pool. At its deepest it is 2.5ft. Unfortunately some parents were not watching their kids properly and so now we are all under the rule that our kids have to be where we can touch them. I'll just say when my 7 year old can stand up and the water comes to her knees, I am not so worry about her. Plus it isn't the easiest to keep three kids right where I can touch them. Our second time to this pool was not so enjoyable with me having to constantly remind the girls to come closer to me.

All my girls now have summer cuts and I am soon to join them. PF decided to donate the 11inches she had cut to Locks of Love.

Currclick is now offering online classes. We signed up for our first one this week, Mandarin Characters. The information being taught was wonderful the connection was a little bit frustrating. I do like that the sessions are recorded and pdf emailed so even with connection problems we are still being provided the information. I am debating whether to take a full semester class or not. I think my only big issue is remembering to be where we have Internet access at a specific time.

Baby care

We had the privilege of borrowing our little friend for a few hours. All 6 of us are head over heels for babies. My middle girls were all over her and being little mommies while I finished making dinner. So now everyone is begging for another baby.

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Rebecca said...

You all will have another baby is 4 WEEKS!!!!