Friday, July 22, 2011

Big Sisters help to teach Preschool

Juggling four girls at different levels of education can present challenges at times so when they offer to help each other out, I am more than thrilled. Butterfly has been a huge help this week with Dragonfly. Butterfly has been rather quick with her work this week giving her plenty of time to do extra work with Dragonfly. I think this helps them both. She loves reading to Dragonfly but they have also played Starfall, put together puzzles, worked on file folders, and made pictures with geometric shapes.

 PF has taken Dragonfly under her wing during chore time and has been teaching Dragonfly how to wash windows, water plants, feed pets, sweep, mop and many other things. Ladybug has wanted Dragonfly to help her too so they have been sorting clothes together.

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