Friday, January 25, 2013

Unit Study: Brave

The morning was so busy with a bunch of activities that I thought a little chill time was in order. I had a Brave unit study pinned that I thought would go perfect with our afternoon. The girls brought out pillows and blankets and got cozy to watch the movie while I printed off worksheets for them to complete afterward. The worksheets covered math concepts, geography, crosswords, writing, and coloring. This was a great way to finish up our day of pinterest fun.

I really enjoy random days of fun. Most school days are planned out and business needs to take place. Although, I do find it funny how much we accomplished today and how much the girls learned through outside of the box/random activities. We went over math, science, geography, art, writing, grammar, history, handwriting, reading, and spelling plus the girls got to create a yummy breakfast. They did all this without even realizing how much work they were accomplishing because they were having too much fun!

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