Friday, January 25, 2013

Pinterest Fun Morning

I have at least 300 pins on my home school board. We have done quiet a few of them but there are so many that are just random or haven't really gone with anything we have done in the last year or so. I decided this morning that I would just start from the beginning of the board and if there was a pin we could do because I already had all the supplies then we would do it. 
 We started with paint bags to practice spelling words or just for drawing. Butterfly and Ladybug wrote each of their spelling words from this week and Dragonfly wrote words she knew how to spell.

 Then the girls decorated their construction papers with their name. These papers will hold rings for each book they read. They are very excited about this. I look forward to posting their progress.
 The last project we worked on was an art project using glue, salt, and food coloring.

I think they turned out great!
 This was a book that I read several times as a kid. I don't currently have the book but youtube had a video reading of it...PERFECT! So we watched the video clip and then the girls filled out their own I am as  worksheets.
They came up with some clever things. Butterfly is as loud as Papa....that one was my favorite.

We finished the morning with watching several other video clips that I had pinned. Topics covered were pronouns, time, George Washington, Martin Luther King jr., and writing lower case b and d correctly. This was such a great and creative way to spend the morning. I hope we will be able to do quiet a few days like this and I may actually get through all of my home school pins.

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