Friday, January 25, 2013

Monkey Muffins

 I love Fridays and desire to make them a fun day. Sometimes our schedule allows for lots of fun and sometimes, we have to get caught up on schoolwork missed throughout the week because of other activities going on. Currently, my three younger girls are a week ahead on their schoolwork. We have all been doing so well with the change in curriculum and schedule for school. The girls have been working so hard that today we were able to have a really fun day.

We started the morning by making gingerbread monkey muffins. The mix was given to the girls for Christmas and today was the perfect day to make them. This was a yeast mix so the girls got to see bread rise.
 We set up an assembly line in order to put the muffins together and so everyone had a task to do. This also works on working together and being patient.
 Ladybug was in charge of making dough balls.
 Butterfly dipped them into butter.
 Dragonfly rolled them around the cinnamon and sugar and then placed them into the muffin tin.
They were so proud of their final creation!

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