Monday, August 6, 2012

A New School Year Begins

I am more excited about this school year than I think I have been in awhile. I love homeschooling but this year is even better because our best friends are living down the street again. For the past three years we have been separated by the entire country...each living on separate coasts. Just last week we both moved to our new homes in Huntsville, AL. So this school year starts with alot of "new stuff" going on. We are still getting settled into our new home, unpacking and trying to learn our way around town but this also makes for a fun homeschooling adventure.
 For months, Tracy and I have had August 6th marked down as our first day of school and we wanted to make sure we spent the day together and of course made sure to get some pictures. The last time we got a group shot on the first day of school was 2007 when I was pregnant with Dragonfly. This time around, I am pregnant again. Our class is getting bigger!
 Our goofy bunch excited for their first day of school.

Princess Flower is in the 7th grade. She weighs in at 89.5lbs and is 58 inches tall. She loves art and being creative.

.Butterfly is 3rd grade. She weighs in at 59lbs and is 49inches tall. She loves to read and has the most beautiful handwriting.

Ladybug is in 2nd grade. She weighs in at 49.5lbs and is 46.25 inches tall. She has her own style and loves to do her own hair. She does very well with all of her subjects.

Dragonfly is in Kindergarten! She weighs in at 45lbs and is 43 inches tall. She is a budding reader and surprises me every day with what she already knows.

This year will be meeting together Monday and Wednesday to do math and science together. We will also be meeting together on Friday for P.E. and Keepers Club. I will be planning out and teaching science. We will be working through Zoology 1 by Apologia. I absolutely love this curriculum. I learned so much last year and I expect to learn so much more this year. It amazes me that I enjoy science so much and there was so much that I have never heard of and especially didn't learn in school. Tracy is taking care of math and incorporating songs, movement, and manipulatives to review math concepts. I know we will all be having a lot of fun this year!

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