Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Today in Co-op

We started with a few minutes to let the kids jump, run, and burn off some energy. Then onto math.
 The younger to finished up with math before the others so they got to play with little people. Will was taking care of Dragonfly by bring her all the veggies. They did really well taking turns coming up with what pretend idea was going to take place next.
 We had a short break and then onto science. Today's lesson included the topics of extinction, endangerment, and habitats. After taking notes, we proceeded to the glider science experiment. Each of the kids made a glider with a different wing width. They predicted which one would fly the furthest.

We concluded that the one inch wing width was the best for longest flight. The one inch width was our smallest. Some of the kiddos were not thrilled that their glider didn't go far.

We ended the day with lunch while watching a documentary about birds.

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