Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Issues with Homework

I am not sure what is the best way to get homework accomplished. I prefer for there not to be any schoolwork after 2pm but that doesn't work well when kids schoolwork is controlled by others. Ladybug and Butterfly have a worksheets and a book to read each night. Butterfly also has spelling words to study. I am challenged each afternoon because LAdybug is demonstrating what my girls would rather do when they get home.

They are just plain worn out.

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Lone Butterfly said...

Poor babies. I know you can't just NOT do the work, but this sucks for you and the girlies!

Can you talk any dates for Summer/Fall Science? The boys are going to be gone Sept 5-12, it looks like.

OH! And my Homeschool friend with the little boy who does HS with us...she REALLY wants to HS her daughter, too. Now she just has to explain it to the girl! :D We'll see how that goes!