Thursday, March 3, 2011

Activities for March

March is a fun month to remember how awesome it is to be Irish! Not that I think rainbows, gold, leprechauns, or four leaf clovers are really "Irish" things. I got a few activities prepared tonight. PF really wanted to help as well so I let her come up with some trays for her sister.

Sensory bin (PF made the rainbows)

Clover clothes pins

Clover counting
PF's sorting activity

By PF: Line the Four leaf Clover with beads. I great fine motor skill.

PF's color matching game.

PF's counting game. You can also match the numbers.

PF's Pot of Gold activity. First place a clothes pin on the pot then place the correct number of gold pieces into the pot.

PF's Letter activity.
I really enjoyed seeing how creative PF could be with these activities. I literally just put all the materials she could use out on the table and she went for it. Before I looked through all the pictures, I thought she was doing all counting activities but as I was looking through the pictures, I realized she hit on all the basic areas that Dragonfly needs right now. I love having creative children!


Stephanie said...

stopping by from preschool corner...adorable activities! I will add a link to my post for your sensory bin :)

Crisc said...

Great activities!!

jess_hak said...

I love that big sister wanted to help with these. She did a fantastic job!

SpartanGirl said...

I love your sensory bin - especially the rainbows! Big sister did a great job. :D

Butterfly Wishes and Wonderland Dreams said...

looks like some great fun stuff