Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crazy day of Cooking

I took Dragonfly to the pool this morning. We have been doing this once a week to get her comfortable with the water and prepared for swim lessons and the SUMMER! She has been doing really well and I just love to hear her laugh while she is in the water. It has been a great one on one time for us.
When we got home, I had good intentions to fill up hubby's car with gas since price are climbing fast and then get into the kitchen to bake up some yummy treats with my little dragonfly. Well we were delayed at the pump because hubby's car wouldn't start. A guy at the pump jumped me after going back to his place of work to get cables. There are still decent people in the world! We got back home and I started mixing up the first of the treats...cinnamon raisin sour dough bread. Dragonfly decided she wanted to make a picture first before helping. I got two loaves together and into the oven before my phone rang. It was the school nurse. PF wasn't feeling well. With 29 minutes on the timer, I left to grab PF from school. We got back with 9 minutes to spare! About 5 minutes after getting home, Dragonfly crashed right on the kitchen floor.

I mixed up cookies and the first 3 dozen were just about to come out of the oven when my phone rings again. It was the school nurse AGAIN! This time Butterfly wasn't feeling well. I pulled the cookies out of the oven and headed over to the school again to grab Butterfly. The nurse and I joked that I should just take Ladybug home with me as well. I decided to let her finish out the school day. I came back home and baked another 3 dozen cookies and 2 dozen muffins. Dragonfly woke up when all the baking was finished so she never got to help with anything but id enjoy 3 cookies.

PF did help do some taste testing for me. I made two new muffins: Cinnamon Cranberry and Chocolate Raspberry. She determined that the Chocolate Raspberry were the best. I have to agree but I am sure anything with chocolate would taste better to us.

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