Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Time Blocks

Do you have days with your kids that everything just gets drug out? They don't feel like doing their work and act like they have no clue what you are talking about even though the day before they had no issues doing exactly what you are asking them to do?

We have those days and they drive me crazy. I have so much to get done on top of school work for Princess Flower that I need her to be focused and get things accomplished. We don't have many unfocused days but we do have them.

So on those days I set time blocks for her subjects. She has 30 minutes to do each. What doesn't get done she does during her free time later on in the evening. This may mean that she doesn't get to play with her friends or play a game that she wants to. This has really motivated Princess Flower to stay focused and work hard.

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Dana said...

Yes, we have those days a lot. If fact it may be a boy thing. IT seems his friends struggle with that as well. This sounds like a good method to fix it.

P.S. Do you know about Lap books? I will do them with my four year next school year. They seem perfect for younger kids. Doing our first one now on Flowers