Thursday, March 12, 2009

Computer Curriculum

Princess Flower is coming to the end of her 4th grade year....don't remind me how fast she is growing up. We are wanting to find a good computer bases curriculum for next year. She loves doing stuff on the computer and we thought this would be a nice change. I have been looking around but haven't figured out what to buy. There are two main options that I have seen: Switched on Schoolhouse by Abeka and K12's online curriculum. Today I got to see a bit of K12 since a friend of mine is and will be using it for her kids. It is well organized but I thought there would be alittle more on the computer and less in the books so that was a tad disappointing. It also costs alot and you lose access to the online stuff when your year "contract" is up. At the same time there are virtual schools through the public school which will allow you to use the program for free. This is a great way to save money but then you are required to "attend" school on the school days they assign. Of coarse our computer can go with us anywhere so that may not be a big deal.

I haven't actually been able to see the SOSH by Abeka first hand so I am nervous to buy it without trying it out. What I like is that after you buy it, you can use it for each one of your kids. Once you divide it by 4 it really doesn't seem expensive at all.

Have you used a computer/online based curriculum? If so can you give me so feedback.

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