Friday, March 6, 2009

Spelling Power

This is the new spelling program I am using with PF now but will use for all my girls. I actually want my hubby to test me and then do the program myself. Spelling has never been my strongest subject and it is never to late to improve.

Anyway this week was our first week starting the program. I gave PF the initial test and she scored "4.0" (meaning 4th grade). I quote it because they say they just put the grade there for the mother-in-laws information.....actually I thought that was pretty funny. Although I did find the info reassuring because I wasn't sure how well she was doing. Now at least I know she isn't behind in spelling. After the first test, you give another test to help place them in the program. PF tested into level C. From this point you start giving spelling words from this section.

For 5 minutes each morning, I give PF words to spell in a unique way from other spelling tests. Those she misses she does activities and practice with. Those she gets right we leave behind for now. Then the next day, I start testing her on the words missed from the previous day and then continue from the list. The activities are pretty simple such as text your spelling words or spell them out with magnets.

So far we have made it through three lists this week. The words on each list start our simple and then get harder. Each list has a rule that all the words in the list fall into. Such as usually /a/ is spelled a as in cat. Then the spelling words range from rat to catch to even harder words.

I like the program because it is all laid out for me and simple. We don't waste time studying words she already knows and focus more time on building skills to learn new words. She isn't just memorizing words for a test but learning them for life. How is that for a product plug!

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Dana said...

Missed ya. Glad you are back. I'll have to look into that spelling book.