Thursday, March 5, 2009

School Update

We have still been keeping up with school despite my lacking of blogging about it. The move to VA added alittle challenge but we remained flexible and let a few things slide. Feb and Mar are always PF and my most productive months and this year is no different. PF is working to finish her 4th grade LA and Math books. She is working on a new devotional Bible Study, A Child's Story of American History, Chinese Made Easy for Kids, Biology and our new spelling power curriculum (more about this later). She has read too many books to list but her favorite books right now are the American Girl books and the Sarah Plain and Tall series.

After coming back from GA a couple weeks ago and her sisters starting therapy we decided to have an easy week and do some fun projects that we don't seem to fit in at other times. PF is always asking to sew. I am still a beginner so it is not very easy to instruct another beginner but we are learning together. PF got some fabric for her birthday that we decided to make into pj bottoms. So far the pattern is cut out and ready to be sewed together. We ran out of nap time to sew it so hopefully we will finish what we started soon.
The other project we worked on was making backdrops for the American Girl Felicity play. We acted out the play just the two us but we are hoping on a weekend to get Daddy involved.

We put up a magnet board on the wall which all the girls are loving. PF makes words with the letters, B and L listen to the letter sounds and D pulls them all off. I am hoping to find more activities that we can use the magnet board with.

We got a Wii and Wii fit last month which all of us plus some friends have been enjoying. Each of the girls have their own mii and have been working on balance, yoga, strength exercises, and aerobics. I have heard this counts for gym requirements!

Behind PF is the hammock that we returned to was more like a bed and we need a hammock that swings to provide certain therapy components for the girls at home. We are shopping around for a new one that will fit our needs.

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Wish You Were Here said...

Hi Princess Flower,
I like the story of Sarah, Plain and Tall too. Have you seen the movie? There is another one after it called Skylark and I believe even a third one but I can't remember the name of it. I'll have to check our movies and see if I have them. They are some of my favories too. love, Granny T.