Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Placement Testing

After to talking to several people and doing alittle more research, I have decided to go with Switched on Schoolhouse for PF next year (or I should say to start in June). Last week PF completed the placement tests for the curriculum. Since we were switching curriculum, I didn't want to just assume that she could just move ahead in case their curriculum is significantly different from the one we are using. I am excited that she placed right on track and she will be starting 5th grade!

Currently she has 4 weeks left of her Language Arts, History, and Science. After these 4 weeks we will be working on "projects", foreign language, art, music and improving speed on math drills until June. Yes, we will be doing school this summer!

Why?: We took last summer off and we really lost focus which made starting school back up that much harder. We also like to take long breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas because we tend to travel or want to have time to do fun things and enjoy the holidays.

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