Saturday, November 1, 2008

Progress Report: October

PF worked hard this month on studying the American Girl Julie who is from the 1970s. She completed her basic Grammar book. She is tackling fractions, decimals and higher level division and multiplication with ease. Her writing has improved substantially. She has added alot more description to each writing assignment.

Butterfly continues to zoom through things. She finished her tracing and paste book this month. She is on lesson 24 in her reading book and really starting to grasp how to read. We have worked on patterns, belonging, rhyming and counting. She can now count to 30 but still messes up 13 and 14. She can write her name without help on the spelling and can do Ladybug's name too.

Ladybug has been less interested in doing schoolwork this month. She has finished reading lessons up to 14. Since she is only 3, I am not pushing her to do work on days she is not wanting to. This only causes more work for me. She did enjoy working/creating a few short books with Butterfly.

As a group, we are still working to memorize all of Proverbs 31. We are halfway there. We have worked on graphs, geography, weather, months, days, and counting by tens. We also did a mini study on animals that included a fun field trip to the zoo.
Now that all the girls are getting older, I am starting to assign each girl with age specific jobs that they can do to contribute to the family. PF's main jobs are emptying the dishwasher and being in charge of getting both bedrooms organized. She also takes charge of watching over Dragonfly when necessary. Butterfly and Ladybug are in charge of emptying the drier, emptying the upstairs' trash cans, organizing the shoe cubbies, picking up the book corner and moving chairs when I vacuum. Dragonfly is learning not to throw food and sippy cups on the floor (something all my kids have done). Ally the girls must clear their own plates from the table and either put things in the trash or the dishwasher. This goes into our home ec lessons.

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