Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facing Change

Change seems to be a huge part of our lives. I don't know whether being a military family makes it even harder or not. But with change, we have to face new ways of doing things and be open to different ways of doing it. Yesterday, we started Butterfly on Kindergarten curriculum. I knew that giving two kids full curriculum instruction was going to change things. We tried to run things like we had normally yesterday but that was a huge failure so I knew today we had to make some major adjustments. To my surprise things have gone much smoother today. Ladybug has been interested in participating with some of Butterfly's work. She did a great job practicing to write the letter "I". Abeka has a fun way of teaching writing which the girls have grasped quickly and are enjoying. Example: Capital "I" is a straight stick with a little hat and little shoes.

A big change I made was making sure we took frequent breaks to just be silly. After doing Calendar, Social Studies and Science, I put on some loud praise music and we sang and danced for awhile. Then we did Kindergarten Language, writing and numbers and took a break to play in a pile of leaves.

I have made Princess Flower my teacher's aid in the mornings and she assists with Dragonfly and sometimes Ladybug while I do things with Butterfly. We were doing this the first few weeks of school but it didn't seem necessary to continue at the time. Now I am seeing the use of it again. Butterfly's work only takes alittle over an hour right now, I am sure it will take longer as the lessons continue. Princess Flower starts school after lunch. This is also helpful to her because there are less distractions after lunch because of naps. Her work unfortunately takes alot longer.
I am hoping these adjustments will make things run smoother but we will remain flexible.

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