Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Election

Tonight is a big night for our country and also an incredible opportunity to teach PF about how a president is elected. I am not incredibly fond of the system but I might as well except this Electoral College Vote system and move on. I found a couple fun websites. One has a calculated for the electoral college votes so you can play around with different possibilities.
Princess Flower is laying next to me in the bed reading and asking every few minutes who is winning now. She is on pins and needles and is irritated that the finally results won't be in until after midnight. She was also upset when I told her she couldn't vote because she wasn't 18. She didn't understand why. Maybe we should dive deeper into the history of voting and let her she that at one time she wouldn't even be able to vote when she turned 18 because she was a woman. She will have to wait until 2020 to vote in her first presidential election. She was only two weeks old when I took her with me to vote in my first presidential election in 2000 so she has had some experience at the polls already.

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