Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Adapting to different levels

A huge task I have been working on lately is adapting the Social Studies and Science curriculum I am using with Butterfly and Ladybug to work for PF too. PF just finished the history book we were working in and not thinking she would finish so quickly I packed up the next one. I will have to wait until my teacher assistant can move acouple boxes for me to get it back out. While we are waiting, I figured that PF can join in with the lessons that I am doing through the Kindergarten Curriculum. She might even learn something we missed.
In Social Studies, we are going over helpers in our community. The younger two colored pictures of a police man.

Princess Flower created her own police man and wrote why they are important to our community.
With having more than one child to teach, the fewer different books I have to use the better. I figure that Ladybug and Butterfly will be in the same books for Science and History for all of school and Dragonfly will join them at some point. Maybe at some point they can all follow along with PF, that is probably wishful thinking but maybe we can keep to the same topics. But I think using no more than two Science and two history books will be helpful in the long run for us.

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Dana said...

Have you been to the site www.lovetolearn.net? She has an approach to teaching several kids of different ages. It may work for you. I'm still a faithful reader. Loving the peek into your school day. Thanks