Saturday, November 1, 2008

Entertaining the Baby

In case you were wondering what we do with our youngest learner while doing school this is the post you will want to read. On most days, I take advantage of both her morning and afternoon naps to do one on one instruction or projects that involve small pieces or scissors. Dragonfly's naps can be unpredictable at times...not so much when she goes down for a nap but how long she stays asleep so I have to be a bit flexible. On this particular day, shown in the pictures, she woke up early from her nap and I was still working with Butterfly on some things. Sometimes I would just put Dragonfly in her high chair and give her a snack to occupy her or some toys to play with on her tray. But instead I let her sit with us and gave her some of the leftover sticky paper that was left behind after the stickers were taken off. The paper stuck to her and gave her a cool tactile experience. She had fun trying to get one hand off the paper and then try to help the other. It actually held her attention for quite a while and I was able to finish with Butterfly.

"Maybe it will taste good!"

Halloween stickers.

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