Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer School

I am just going to label this summer....The Summer of Transition. We are currently in a holding pattern awaiting our next move. Since life is a bit crazy right now, formal schooling has been put on hold. PF has decided to dive into 7th grade work so she can get ahead for the upcoming school year. We are excited to be able to alot of fun educational things with the Stewart's next year and PF wants the ability to participate as well. 7th grade will hold a heavier work load for her and I think she is making a wise choice by getting as much done as she can over the summer. I am also trying, when possible, to work on Kindergarten curriculum with Dragonfly. I want her used to her new books by August so it will be easier to do schoolwork with all of my kiddos.
Butterfly and Ladybug are enjoying their light schedule of reading books and playing. My mom printed off some worksheets for them that they work on at their leisure.

We are hoping to have plenty of trips to the pool, park, library and other fun places to complete our summer.

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