Friday, June 15, 2012

High Museum of Art

I took my two older girls on a big girl field trip. We headed to downtown Atlanta to explore the High Museum of Art. I remember being there once as a child and really enjoying it. Not surprising, the museum has changed quite a bit since then. We first stopped by the family area. The girls quickly grabbed a seat and went to work on their own piece of art.

 Flowers and Butterflies......

 After finishing their masterpieces, they headed over to the building area.
 Not sure what their final structure was but they enjoyed building it.
 While in the family area, I found family guide booklets for Architecture and Decorative Art in the museum. We grabbed them and headed out into the main museum. I am so glad we had these guides because they added so much to our museum experience. The architecture guide helped us to see past the art and look at the building itself, to see how the building helped to accentuate the art. The Decorative Art guide set us out on an adventure to discover which art pieces were being described in each clue.

 The girls really liked all the vases on display.

 PF wanted to bring this piano home. I loved all the small detail and work that went into creating this piano.

 Butterfly's favorite piece: She loved this painting because of all the colors that were used to paint it.
 Butterfly found silver wings.
 PF wants to hang this light in her room.
 PF's favorite piece: She liked this piece because it was a lizard and she loves lizards.

 When we finished touring the museum, we headed out to find a place for lunch. The girls loved the dolphin we found along the way. We found a Thai restaurant a few blocks away. I love Thai food but I have never taken the girls to a Thai restaurant. I love being able to expose them to different cultures especially through experiencing food.
 They loved it!

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