Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Food

 Cooking during the summer is so exciting. There are so many delicious fruits and veggies in season. We have been enjoying the local farmer's markets to pick up so of these summer treats. Butterfly helped me with dinner tonight which included:
 Green beans with cherry tomatoes and carmelized balsamic onions topped with parm.
 Couscous salad with corn, asparagus, yellow peppers and summer squash.
 Grammy made her yummy guacamole while we waited for the green beans to bake.
After dinner we enjoyed raspberries with chocolate alvacado dip.

Everything was fabulous. I am trying really hard this summer to expose the girls to many different foods. The big one the other night was shrimp. I am not much for seafood but my mom is and she grilled up some well marinated shrimp. I believe Dragonfly loved them the most as her plate was covered in little shrimp tails. We also picked up quite a few different types of mangos and pears at the farmer's market and made smoothies and other fun treats with them. This has been such a fun summer of discovery!

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