Tuesday, October 25, 2011

North Carolina History Museum

This is the museum that is part of the Tryon Palace and a new museum to our area.
Part of the family fun day was special activities for the kids that helped to teach them about entertainment for kids that first lived in New Bern.
The girls first made corn husk dolls.
Then they made clay marbles and sewed together a pouch to carry them in.

After finished the craft activities, we went into the Pepsi center's exhibit. This exhibit was a completely interactive experience for the girls. They learned about making turpentine, merchants on a ship, running a general store, being part of a quilting bee and being a cook.
The girls created quilting squares on these computer screens. After everyone finished their square a finished quilt was displayed on the big screen with every ones square included.
While working in a turpentine factory, workers were kept motivated by a singer. Butterfly was pretending to be the singer. There were songs on the screen in front of her to read and clips of the songs to listen to.

PF was in charge of killing rats aboard the ship.
This was a great experience and we all learned so much about the history of the area we are living in.

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