Saturday, October 8, 2011

Family Fun Day

Hubby's work had a family fun day function. Usually these events include a cookout and a bouncy house so it was quite a surprise to find out that the fun day would be at a camp with numberous activities. Hubby came home early and we headed over to the other side of the river to enjoy the rest of the day together. We decided on the canoes first. While out on the water we saw several turtles and got to watch other Marines going on the zipline. The zipline ended in the water and we decided against getting wet.

Our next stop was archery. All of the girls got a shot at it. Ladybug hit the target several times. Hubby and I competed to see who had better aim. Not that I am surprised but hubby did a lot better than I did.

Dragonfly waiting patiently for her turn. She had to stay behind the white line.
After archry, we headed to the snack shop for a quick snack before heading on a boat ride down the river. Our last activity before dinner was shooting BB guns. The camp had plastic dinosaurs and cans set up to aim at. PF hit a can on her first shot and continued to hit another can and a dinosaur. I was excited that I made contact a few times too. The guns jammed easily and were quite difficult to shoot so the other girls were a bit frustrated with them.

Dinner was a delicious Italian buffet and then smores by the fire. By far this was the best family fun day we have experienced!

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