Friday, November 19, 2010

Teacher Conferences

I had conferences with Butterfly and Ladybug's teachers. Both are excelling in Reading which just thrills me! I focus a lot of time on reading because I think it is really important. Butterfly is tied for the most books read this year in her class and Ladybug is in the advanced readers club. They are reading Biscuit books right now so they called themselves The Biscuit Club.

Apparently I need to focus a little more time on Math. They are both doing well in math but it isn't really easy for them either.

I had originally wanted to wait until March before ordering in curriculum for next year but decided to go ahead and order Math-U-see to use now with all of the girls. I think they could all use a little more work in this area. PF has an hour of math homework every  night so I will probably only be working with her on her days off and weekends until next year.

All of my girls also need help with handwriting. They come by this problem honestly because both their parents have horrible handwriting. I ordered them Handwriting without Tears to help with this.

So afternoons will consist of:
*school homework
*Sight Word Flash cards
*Handwriting without tears
*Sensory Therapy
*Piano practice

They are busy girls!

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