Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Obstacle Course

When my girls get home from school, they want to be outside and active. Even if they are really tired they want to be outside. They love our trampoline and the swings. Over the summer I picked up some play cones with the intent on using them for PE. This particular afternoon, I set up an obstacle course for them to change up the backyard play. I also wanted them to use some muscles that maybe they don't necessarily use regularly.

The course:
Start by crawling through the tunnel. Next mock tires. Then up the slide and across the monkey bars. Then the cones were split into four areas. 1. jumping jacks, 2. side jumps, 3. jumping rope and 4. weaving in and out (there were several more cones in the 4th section.) End.

We had friends over that day as well and they loved joining in.

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ksjones83 said...

I love your playset. Where did you get it. I need monkey bars for my girls! (or should I say my monkeys!?)