Sunday, November 28, 2010



Handwriting without Tears
Right now with the girls going to public school, I use extra time we have at home to reinforce areas they may be struggling with at school or I am preparing them for next year. Handwriting is an area we all struggle with so I am trying to improve this skill both for school this year and for the years to come. Next year, we will be using Math-U-see. This curriculum is not being taught at their school so I am starting them all at the beginning (primer level) so that they have all seen the basic concepts. I don't want to waste time next year going over the basics. We finished 3 of the 30 lessons today so my plan is to continue on since we are sure to complete 27 more lessons before June. The next two levels will deal with adding and subtracting (alpha and beta). My goal is to get through both primer and alpha before June with the hopes that we will be somewhere in beta.

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