Monday, February 6, 2012

Cooking Pin

PF decided to start working on her cooking pin for Keepers. She searched through all the cookbooks and created a menu plan. From her plan for Monday, she created a shopping list and then we headed to the store to buy what she needed. We saved the recipe to use for future pins.
 Chocolate Chip Pancakes
 Coconut Dream Smoothie

 Homemade Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs

 Her friend came over in the afternoon and helped her put together her dessert.

 Hot Dog Burritos
Cheese and Bacon Potatoes
Coconut ice

I believe from this experience she learned how much goes into planning and cooking meals for her family. I appreciate hubby's patience and willingness to eat what his daughter had planned for the day. I believe day 2 of her cooking will happen when hubby is having dinner elsewhere.

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