Monday, December 3, 2012

Story Starter

Grammy pulled the last tray of cookies out of the oven when suddenly........

PF: ......a cat ran on top of them followed by a barking monster who grabbed a dozen cookies. Poor Grammy had to start all over again because the left over cookies were covered in dirt from the monster and cat. She was about to throw them away when she had an idea. She stuck them in the blender with lots of bird seed and blended it. When it was done Grammy threw it outside for the birds and then she hid in a bush. Birds came along and started eating when all of a sudden their feathers fell off and they floated up like balloons.

Butterfly:....there was a knock. Grammy opened the door. A little boy was on the porch. He started to say good afternoon my name is Russell but before he could say the rest Grammy asked Russell if he would like a cookie. Russell said "yes please". Grammy stuffed the cookies in Russell's mouth. She said good-bye. Russell didn't say good-bye because his mouth was too full.

Ladybug:.....there was a monster at the door. The monster took all the cookies. Grammy tried to get them but the monster ate them before she could.

Dragonfly:......a monster came and put all the cookies in his mouth.

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