Friday, January 6, 2012


PF started art classes on Friday afternoons. While she is busy painting, I have been taking my other girls on different adventures around town. On our first Friday, I needed to mail out some cards so we headed to the post office first. The postal worker gave the girls coloring books and stickers. The coloring books were full of information on each state and different stamps to color. We then headed over to a small playground on church property. After playing for alittle while, we decided to look around the church. I had no idea they actually do small tours of the church.
 Christ Episcopal Church was one of NC's earliest congregations. The first church on the grounds was finished in 1750. King George II gifted the church with a silver communion set and the "vinegar Bible" which was printed in 1717. The Bible is called the vinegar Bible because there is a miss print in the Bible where vinegar was written instead of vineyard. The Bible is still on display in the church. It is probably the biggest Bible I have even seen. The church building burned in 1871 but was rebuilt in 1875. Children helped to raise money and bought the church a beautiful stain glass window with the money they earned. The stain glass window is a picture of Jesus welcoming all the little children to him. While we were in the church, their organ player was practicing and we got to hear beautiful music. The girls were impressed with how large the organ was.

 PF enjoyed painting with watercolors for her first class. These are her two paintings.

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