Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home Economics: Organization

It seems to be very easy for my girls to have a clothing explosion in their closet. Typically this happens when one of the girls tries to get a specific article of clothing and knocks down or pulls out other clothes with it. I had planned a month ago to have a room organization day and really go over everything with the girls. It worked out well that that morning Ladybug tried to get a pair of pants and knocked all the pants to the floor. Dragonfly has also grown quite a bit from last winter and so I knew there were clothes she didn't fit into anymore in the drawers. We decided to move their drawers out of the closet so that it was easier to get to.
We started by taking each drawer out and dumping the contents on the floor. We sorted through and took out all of the smaller clothes. We folded and placed everything back in the drawers neatly. I made labels for the girls so that it was easier for them to put their clean clothes away in their proper locations.
The closet was next. We separated the clothes out into sections: Dragonfly's clothes, Middle girls' clothes, short sleeves, and light jackets. The jeans were also separated into size piles 4,5,6,7,and 8. PF took all of this knowledge back to her closet and organized it on her own. I love how neat and organized everything is. I hope after proper instruction the girls will be able to maintain their closet properly.

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