Tuesday, May 5, 2009

When it Rains We Get Cookin

Its raining, and we are pouring and mixing and learning new things. PF finished her basic curriculum for 4th grade and now we have time to work on other subjects such as Home Economics.

Colonial Corn Chowder (We are also studying Felicity's time with the American Girl Studies).

Cinnamon Crusties...learned how to use a pastry cutter.

The final product

Oven fried chicken.....learning to coat.

Chocolate Chip Cookie bars.....learning to sift.

We had an awesome dinner tonight after PF worked really hard to make it. Yesterday we made homemade granola, split pea soup and oatmeal muffins. The soups have hit the spot since the temps have dropped with all the rain. We all needed alittle comfort food.

Dragonfly enjoyed eating too!

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