Friday, September 26, 2008


*Monday: PB&J, chips, raisins, and carrots
*Tuesday: Chili Mac & Cheese and smoothies
*Wednesday: Split Pea soup
*Thursday: Homemade Bagel bites (with carrots and sweet potatoes in the sauce), Garlic fries, green beans and Chocolate muffins (with spinach and blueberries).
*Friday: Dino Chicken nuggets, Mac and Cheese, green beans and fruit cocktail.

When you are home everyday for lunch it can be easy to make the same thing for lunch everyday. I try to change somethings up from day to day so our days don't blend together. Lunch is one way to really change things up. Although our time for lunch stays pretty consistent at 11am.
This week we had a treat on Thursday because we went to a friend's house to celebrate a birthday. My friend and I have both looked through the Sneaky Chef book and she used some of the recipes for lunch on Thursday. We had bagel bites with orange puree and chocolate muffins with purple puree. The orange puree has sweet potatoes and carrots in it which you mix right into the tomato sauce. The purple puree has spinach and blueberries which are mixed right into the batter. The muffins had a slight blueberry taste but the bagel bites tasted better than the ones in the store. Actually I preferred both the recipes from sneaky chef than the basic less nutritious versions.
My children don't have a problem eating veggies or fruits. I simply like the recipes because it makes what I cook even more healthy. As a side note: I made baked ziti when my niece was visiting with the orange puree and she loved it....just thought her Mama would like to know.

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