Thursday, March 7, 2013

Math Trays

 I have found with my middle two girls that math just doesn't come easily. They need lots of reinforcement and many opportunities to add and subtract over and over. Their A Beka worksheets have been helping them quite a bit but doing worksheets over and over again can get old. I decided we needed a little change up to our normal morning work. Last night, through the help of pinterest, I put together 5 math trays for all three of my younger girls to work on this morning.
The pink tray: Gum Ball adding and subtracting plus a graphing and coloring.
The green tray: Dice addition
The blue tray: Addition questions were on each clothes pin and the answers were on the popsicle stick. They clipped the clothes pin onto the correct stick.
The purple tray: Creating their own addition questions with correct answers using numbers on each clothes pin.
The yellow tray: Subtraction flashcards and a graph that contained the answers along the bottom. They had to write the question into the correct graph square.

The girls were able to complete all their trays before lunch. Dragonfly needed some assistance from me but the other two worked independently. It is great that the three of them have all reached a point that I can use the same trays.

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