Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine Fun

It is always exciting to get together with friends for fun and games. I truly love so many ideas on pinterest and I think the site has helped me plan so many creative things for the girls to do. We decided for one of our keepers meetings to have some fun Valentine games and heart shaped snacks to go with our study of birds. I found 3 minute to win it games that I thought would be a lot of fun. 
 Game number 1: Get as many mini marshmallows into the cups in one minute.
 Kids started by throwing one at a time until they realize that throwing handfuls increased their odds of making the marshmallows into the cups.

 Game number 2: Get as many conversation hearts out of the bowl and into a cup using only chopsticks in one minute. (there are Xs on each heart to keep the kids from eating them. The black mark meant they were poisoned!)

 Game number 3: Make the tallest tower you can in one minute without it falling over.

 In between games and while waiting for their turn for the next game. We got in a few photo ops.

 Will does not seem thrilled!
 We got them all lined up to receive a cup of marshmallows. As with all things, there is always something random we create. This time we decided to have a marshmallow war before tossing all the dirty marshmallows.

 I didn't get a great picture of the marshmallow craziness but they had a blast with it.
 Then inside to chill out a bit. Emily provided everyone with a story.
 Our last project for the day was to make a bird feeder. I found a cute idea for stringing popcorn on garden wire. The kids could then shape them anyway they wanted and hang them on a tree.
We had such a fun day.

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